Release of Orinj version 4.0.4 beta

Submitted by mic on Mon, 10/22/2018 - 13:40


The following are the changes and bug fixes between Orinj version 4.0.3 and version 4.0.4.

  • Fixed two bugs when processing effects in the single wave view. These bugs caused Orinj to crash
  • Fixed the opening of version 2 sessions in version 4. Before the fix, if the version 2 session had an effect, the opening would crash. (Thanks Kldugemaster!)
  • Fixed the popup menus in Ubuntu and MacOS, because they were not showing up
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the languages of effects and generators form loading and these would always be in English
  • Changed how the splitting of a stereo wave works. Before, Orinj would create two waves – one for the left and one for the right channel. Now, Orinj will ask the user which channel to produce
  • Adding a "tmp" extension to temporary sound files used by the software, so that the user doesn't mistakenly end up inserting these in a recording session. Also, fixed a minor bug in the naming of temporary files
  • Made sure Orinj handles the initial temporary loops and MIDI files, so that those do not show up when the user switches between loop and MIDI files in the corresponding view and so that these files are removed when opening of loops and MIDI files. Also simplified the opening of loops and MIDI files
  • Fixed a couple of bugs on closing of an unsaved new loop (e.g., making sure Orinj does not ask to save twice, making sure the file is removed from the list of files shown to the user when switching between files, and so on)
  • Fixed a couple of bugs when waves are inserted into a session and have to be converted into the session audio format – sampling rate and sampling resolution (e.g., making sure they are marked as changed, the right temporary files are deleted on exit, and so on)
  • Improved error checking on storing of undo information and, in general, streamlined the storing and reading of undo. Also fixed a couple of bugs that may crash Orinj on the storing of undo

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