Release of Orinj version 4.0.5 beta

Submitted by mic on Thu, 11/01/2018 - 15:52


The following are changes between Orinj version 4.0.4 and Orinj version 4.0.5.

  • Fixed a bug, because of which the drum hits in the loops inserted into the session will not be at their proper positions
  • Improved the drawing of waves to make it faster, as it was sluggish
  • Made sure that selecting blocks in the session and double-clicking on blocks to open them works even when there are envelopes over the blocks (volume, pan, dry mix, wet mix)
  • Also made sure that the right-click popup menus work over envelopes
  • Fixed undo for soloing tracks in the session view and in the loop building view
  • Enabled the arrow keyboard keys for moving the play cursor in the session, single wave view, and MIDI roll view. Also enabled the arrow keys with Shift for selecting. In the loop building view, enabled arrow keys for scrolling horizontally
  • Made sure that envelopes and cursor do not remain hidden behind session blocks on scrolling far to the left or right
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Orinj to ask to save a session twice when opening a session over an existing, changed session
  • Moved the Cut and Destroy commands from the Session menu in the multitrack session view, to the Block menu and separated the Cut command into Cut and Remove (by an old recommendation by Kludgemaster). This should be more intuitive
  • Fixed the envelope buttons in the left pane of the single wave view, as they were too small to display the correct text
  • Fixed a bug that was introduced with the previous version and that would prevent Orinj from asking to save changed waves, loops, and MIDI files in their corresponding views
  • Fixing the Wave Replace Sample command in the single wave view to make sure that undo works, it does not crash the software when the user does not specify a wave sample or specifies a nonexistent wave sample file, the sampling resolution of the input file is treated correctly, sample files are closed after use, and canceling works. This functionality is still being tested
  • Fixed the licensing to display the correct user name
  • Fixed the handling of temporary files when inserting loops into the session and when removing blocks from the session
  • Made sure initial temporary loop and MIDI files are closed when new loop and MIDI files are opened or inserted into the session, or when a session with loop or MIDI files is opened. This also should be more intuitive
  • Made some minor fixes to error checking

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