Release of Orinj version 4.1.1

Submitted by mic on Sun, 02/24/2019 - 17:11


The following are the changes between version 4.1.0 and version 4.1.1.

  • Added a band stop filter. This is another infinite impulse response Butterworth filter.
  • Fixed dialog that displays the frequency content of waves in the single wave view. First, sped up the computations of the frequency content. Second, improved the precision of the dialog, which is useful if the user zooms into a narrow frequency band. Third, made sure that, if the frequency content is computed after the user highlights a portion of the wave, the frequency content is of that portion. Fourth, fixed a bug where the start time of the frequency content will be set to the end time when the user changes the end time. Fifth, fixed a bug that was shifting the graph slightly to the right (compared to the frequency axis). Sixth, started the dialog with more reasonable presets for the frequencies (e.g., between 0 Hz and 6 kHz, rather than between 0 Hz and 22 kHz)
  • Made sure the application title changes when the user saves a session under a new name with File and Save As
  • Making sure that at least one audio block is selected when opening a session (the first block in the current track). This is useful, otherwise some of the block commands will simply return "There are no selected waves", which could be confusing
  • Made sure that selecting over an audio block selects that block as the current block, otherwise various block commands would not work (would state that there are no selected blocks, which is counterintuitive)
  • Made sure that snap lines appear and snapping works when moving audio blocks in the session, when there is an envelope (e.g., amplitude envelope, pan envelope) over the block that is being moved
  • Made sure that, on exit, all temporary files get deleted when processing two effects, one after the other, in the multitrack session
  • Fixed a bug that, after making a selection over an audio block and cutting the block with Block Cut in the session, creates another selection in the wrong place
  • Made sure that the current time panel and the start time of the mixer are updated when the play cursor is moved with the arrow keys (in the session, the single wave view, and the MIDI roll view)
  • Made sure arrow keys work to move the play cursor when Orinj starts and when switching between views. Before fixing this, the user would have to click on the track to enable the arrow keys
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the user from selecting over a loop block in the session, after click on the select mouse cursor and then inserting the loop block
  • Fixed the cutting of loop blocks in the middle, which in previous versions would result in an error

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