Release of Orinj version 4.1.3

Submitted by mic on Sun, 03/24/2019 - 21:38


The following are the changes between Orinj version 4.1.2 and version 4.1.3.

  • Fixed the simultaneous recording to several tracks from several input devices in the multitrack session. In previous versions, because of a bug, all tracks would record the same input device
  • Added a control for the expected recording latency (/wiki/latency) of input devices. The new control is in the device property dialog (under the Preferences menu). Orinj does not use ASIO or similar protocols and does not have direct access to the input device. It cannot circumvents the operating system handling of the device. With some soundcards, the recording may come with a slight delay. With this new control, the user can tell Orinj what this expected delay is and Orinj will adjust the recorded track so that the delay does not appear. (Orinj does not use ASIO and similar protocols primarily to stay completely cross-platform. These protocols will require different installations for different operating systems)
  • Added undo for changing the meta content (author, display name, copyright statement, etc.) of waves in the single wave view. There was no undo in previous versions
  • Made sure that cutting of waves in the single wave view works as intended – the file is marked as changed so that Orinj asks to save on exit or closing and there is undo when cutting
  • Sped up the cutting of waves in the single wave view. Cutting in this view creates a new wave file and copies audio data. This was too slow in previous versions
  • Disallowed the cutting of waves in the single wave view, if those waves are also in the multitrack session. Such cutting would create logistical problems
  • Made a minor fix to the drawing of recording waves when recording stops
  • Fixed a bug where destroying the last wave block in the session (removing the block and deleting the corresponding wave file). In previous versions, destroying the last block, when there were no other remaining blocks, would cause Orinj to crash
  • Fixed the use of right and left mouse buttons on waves in the multitrack session, so that the right button is only used to invoke the popup menu (only an issue on Windows). In previous versions, the right button could be used to both move the wave and call the popup menu, which could cause minor problems (e.g., the snap lines when moving not disappearing on releasing the mouse and other actions not completed)

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