Release of Orinj version 4.0.7 beta

Submitted by mic on Sun, 11/25/2018 - 17:49


The following are changes since version 4.0.6.

  • Changed the internal working of audio buffers. This should speed up significantly the playback of the session and mixing and effects during playback. How much faster playback is depends on the session. Tests on sessions with six tracks– two wave, two MIDI, and two loop tracks – and three effects show that the time to process an audio buffer before playing that buffer is now about two times smaller
  • Fixed compressors, including the compressor, noise gate, limiter, and simple compressor so that amplitude envelopes are computed properly and the compressor gain is adjusted properly based on these envelopes. Also fixed similarly the detection of beats in the functionality to replace drum beats
  • Changed the graph of the Orinj Compressor so that it moves with changes in the input gain and the output gain. This will make this multi-threshold compressor easier to understand and use
  • Adjusted some of the presets for the simple compressor and the compressor (e.g., ones for vocal compression) after the changes in the compressor computations
  • Fixed the functionality to replace a drum beat so that new drum beat samples are used at the right level and the right audio is written out written out
  • Fixed a bug in the right channel of the Orinj Chorus for 8-bit playback. The bug would add too many vocals to the chorus
  • Fixed a bug when processing effects in the single wave view that would cause Orinj to crash
  • Enabled the selection of session audio blocks while the session is playing and the moving of blocks while the session is playing
  • Made faster the double-clicking on session audio blocks to open them in their own corresponding view
  • Fixed a bug when moving an audio block in the session. The bug would move the wrong block if the is an envelope over the right block to be moved
  • Fixed an issue where opening and closing Orinj many times may make the output audio devices temporarily inaccessible, which would cause Orinj to crash

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